The Ostwuerttemberg Business Brochure

The current version of the (160 page) brochure entitled “The Economic Region of Ostwuerttemberg – Region for Talents and Patents” offers a comprehensive overview of Ostwuerttemberg as a commercial location.  In addition to a description of the general conditions in the region, it also contains detailed information regarding the areas of expertise present in the region.  Also, in addition to the comprehensive address listings, there are detailed descriptions and portraits of individual enterprises from the sectors “optics and photonics,” “automotive,” “surface engineering, machines and tools,” “health and life sciences,” “IT, design and media” and “enterprise-related services, logistics, etc.”

The brochure describes the universities in the region and offers insight into tourism in Ostwuerttemberg, with art, culture, museums and even fortresses and castles that are located in the region.  A special service it offers is the comprehensive listing of addresses and contacts in the region for all relevant point of contact.

The brochure is available in print upon request from the WiRO or in a convenient online version via the following link:

Wirtschaftsbroschüre Ostwuerttemberg