Industrial Real Estates

GewerbeflächenIn more than 80 industrial real estates in the 53 cities and municipalities of Ostwuerttemberg, there are about 210 hectares immediately available for construction. No matter if it is for land in industrial, commercial or special areas – in the "Region for Talents and Patents", each prospect will find the ideal environment and can profit from, for example, the central location in Southern Germany, the integration in the Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart or from the huge number of strong companies.

In the freely accessible Industrial Real Estate Database Ostwuerttemberg, anyone interested can do a search and get an overview of the locations with the main facts, different map views and contacts.

Fully available industrial real estates, that are presented in Ostwuerttemberg, can be purchased from 22 € per sqm. On average, you pay 40-80 € per sqm and thus much less than for example in the Stuttgart area.

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