Adventure Region Ostwuerttemberg

Eselsburger TalIn the middle of Southern Germany, centrally located in Europe, an inspiring landscape showcases itself, brimming with Swabian achievement and quality of life. 
Frankfurt, Munich, Lake Constance and the Allgaeu region are only one or two hours away by car.  Stuttgart, the state capital, is less than an hour away. 

The region of Ostwuerttemberg (East Wuerttemberg) is the bridge to Bavaria.  Whether by car or rail, the travel connections are outstanding.

Internationale Römertage AalenTheir particular charms distinguish the three regional landscapes.  It is the mountains of the Swabian Forest to the north, followed by the foothills with their meadowlands, broken up by the scattered forests and structured again by rivers like the Kocher, Jagst, Brenz or Rems.  Along with juniper-covered plateaus, the Jurassic strata of the Swabian Alb rises a good 300 meters (approx. 1,000 ft) above the foothills that descend to the Danube River.  It was in this scenic landscape that the Romans built the largest Roman cavalry fort north of the Alps.  Today, “Ala II Flavia” is a designated Cultural World Heritage site.

This region would later become the homeland of the Hohenstaufen dynasty.  Fortresses and ruins, castles and residences, remnants of medieval city fortifications as well as numerous sacred buildings, ranging from Romanesque pillar basilicas and the Gothic Munster to late baroque masterpieces, characterize the appearance of a multifaceted cultural landscape.